Is Blogging Journalism?

After a few days to reading many blogs from communication experts, I knew at least one thing that blogs are the hottest subject to write for media commentator. People are not only questioning about blogs’ position in the journalism and not only talking about code of ethics for bloggers but at the same time are finding it difficult to categorize blogs. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

At first hand, my judgment here would largely be subjective and reflect my experience with the Internet for last eight years (as the founder/editor of and as a blogger for last four months) and with the media for last seven years as reporter. And moreover, since all my fellow bloggers are journalists, I also request all of them to express what they think about blogging – Is blogging a form of journalism?

I believe, blogging is not journalism. Because blogging is subjective and without any gate-keeping for what is produced. Theoretically, I believe objectivity is the oxygen of journalism and to decide if blogging is objective or biased would be the most difficult task, since anyone with little knowledge of the Internet can sign up a free blogging service and start blogging immediately.

Secondly, journalism is for mass audience (be it 200 or 2000 or 200000). Blogging in other hand is for a limited circle (despite the globalness of the Internet). And any blogger can end up without a single reader.

I understand once communication experts all over the world, majority of them, simple believed if blogging is a form of journalism, then they can even change the definition of journalism, but I strongly oppose the idea. Blogging is writing a diary, only difference is it’s public, but how fair would it be to call me a journalist if I started writing something of mind daily on a wall of a local park.

Blogs can be a good news source for getting idea, but not a reliable source of information (it would never be).

Besides, as a blogger, I write blogs for enjoyment, I never thought about many people reading my blogs (unlike while I write for my newspaper), and want blogs to remain the same – a platform for my intrinsic satisfaction.

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