June 1 Brings Back Sad Memory

I was eagerly awaiting June 1, 2001 because that was the day when my first computer would have been delivered to me. But unfortunately the day turned out to be one of the saddest day of my life. The news of Royal Massarce was not easy to believe, but it turned out to be true. I went to hopital where they had kept the beloved Royal Family, waited a few hours to participate in the possession leading to their last rites. I shaved my head bald like many other youngsters to mourn the death of Royal Family but the truth was there – We Lost the Beloved King.

Even after four years of all that, my heart shivered to the memory of the day. It was not easy for us – in fact when my maternal uncle called me in night to inform it, I had asked him not to joke and put down the telephone. Even when BBC talked about it, I denied to believe it. I didn’t believe it until I saw the bodies of all of them – until the new heir was ascended to the throne and until all the Nepalis returned home from street believing that there would now be no way we were getting King Birendra’s family back.

I had always loved King Birendra, I had always been fan of Prince Dipendra and always admired the beauty of princess Shruti. Prince Nirajan was something like contemporary and I even now admire his participation in the swimming competition along with common people. Moreover, I had always liked their love for sports. (I got the photo of Dipendra, Shruti and Nirajan clapping for players during the 8th SAF Games printed on my t-shirt).

The truth of what happened in the Royal Palace would probably never be known. I knew Prince Dipendra was something a different one in palace and outside palace but despite that my heart still deny to believe that he did all this.

It was a sad day – in fact the saddest day and we lost someone whom we believed a godly, and fatherly, figure. May their souls rest in peace.

BBC Report About the Royal Massarce

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