Censoring News? Sorry, No Way!

In the era of cyber information flow, its increasingly difficult to censor anything. This was apparent when the Nepali government tried to block an interview of Prachanda, the supreme leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The government raided and shut down Radio Sagarmatha, the first non-governmental independent radio station of South Asia, which was supposed to air the interview of BBC Nepali Service; blocked the BBC Radio FM and blocked the BBC Nepali Service site.

Well that probably served temporarily as many failed to hear the interview. But soon after that the interview was everywhere. Bloggers reproduced and even translated the interview, someone recorded and turned it into MP3 and put it for downloads. Everyone with access to internet could get that in less than an hour of airing.

Wow! Web.

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Welcome to The Radiant Star

This is personal site of a happy couple (that is Ujjwal and Tara) where you will find personal pages of them and occassional blogs. Besides, Nepal is Blogging is a small directory of Nepali blogs; Journalism Resources is the collection of resources, tools, reports and links for students of mass communication and journalism and Let’s Blog is everything you need to begin blogging – tools, tips, resources and a short history of blogging (and Nepali blogs).

Hope you will enjoy all of it and write back to us!

(PS: Radiant Star is the literal translation of Ujjwal Tara).

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ACC U-19 Cup: Thoughts on Inauguration

ACC U-19 Cup Cricket Tournament, that was inaugurated today by Crown Prince Paras, is the biggest international sports event for the country. It will not only provide Nepal with a chance to prove a successful hosts but also gives cricket lovers an unique chance to witness Nepali players performing. Nepal’s chances of winning the trophy and qualifying the the U-19 Youth World Cup is very high and that adds to the sporty treat.

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) had done, no doubt, the best job in previous two months to prepare three new venues thus confirming it won’t go away, but after the inauguration, I still felt there is a lot to be desired from them on the management side.

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Something About The Radiant Star

For the co-founder of United We Blog!, the pioneering blogging site of Nepal that has established itself as a very popular medium of expression freedom, its looks absurd for me to begin a new blog. But popularity comes with a cost – the popularity of UWB! and the situation made it all political blog (I am proud of the achievement that UWB! established itself as a strong voice for democracy). That left no space for me to write about personal matters and other issues (with the visitors hoping for political blogs, it would be stupidity to write about dating and which sites I find interesting).

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