Best of Blogs – Beta Test I

A Royal Nepalese Army committee has submitted its report on the Nagarkot Massarce which left 13 civilians dead.

The incident of guests being forced out from Hotel Yak & Yeti surprisingly caught attention of Deelip only. He questions: How can tourism develop?

Appointment of new Attorney General has drawn attention from bloggers with LegalNews and HK Nepal having an brief entry.

NepalInfo says the warring Maoists are preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary and warns it could be violent. Shankar Pokherel opines its last chance for the King.

United We Blog! serves exclusive pictures from Nepalgunj where Nepal Communist Party (United Marxist Lenninist) held a rally while also boosting that one of its founder D Wagle’s interview being available as podcast at

Chij from Saudi Arabia writes about plight of Nepali girls in the country. He writes instead of offering a helping hands, Nepalis abroad are involved in misleading the girls.

HK Nepal also has an human-interest entry. It is about a rape of eight-year old. The villagers fined the rapists Rs. 5000 and the father of the raped girl Rs. 150 for allowing the girl freedom!?

This is beta-testing of the Best of Blogs – a collection of interesting stories from various Nepali bloggers.

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