Little Things Journalists Can Do

I know as a journalist the happy moment is when somebody talk back about something s/he has written. Even better is when somebody acts positively after the writing appears. Same happened to Deepak. He wanted to write about a girl in Magaltar, Kavre who has been tied whole time since she was senseless – unable to reason. I accompanied Deepak for the tour, and he wrote from the angle which I loved. There were stories about such patients being tied up and always the angle used to be about the girl or boy’s right; they always criticized the parents for doing so and not providing treatment. Deepak thought from the point of view of parents. As a parent, what can you do other than putting her in chain after several of your treatment missions failed? I think I never complimented Deepak for the angle but I loved it.

After the story was published, a lady doctor provided treatment to the girl free of cost and Deepak has come up with that in his blog. Giving a New Life is about his writing helping the girl. He has photos of the girl before and after treatment.

And, lo and behold, she is now freed from chain. I came to know that she’s also cured from epilepsy. The before and after pics tell you a lot. Here, I would like to thank Dr. Aruna Uprety and Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST) for being Good Samaritans.Hats off to you. I am also thankful to blogger and The Katmandu Post reporter Ujjwal Acharya and photojournalist Bikash Karki for accompanying me to the place. They didn’t complain when I had less-than-enough money to support the travel expenditure.

There are little things our writing can do.

Along with the happiness to seeing the new photo of the girl, I was made sad by two photos at UWB! that presented relatives of the killed policemen. The result of violence – I wonder when the conflict will end and we will be able to live in peace.

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