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Just at the time when I am planning to write a brief history of Nepali blogosphere for The Radiant Star, Deepak Adhikari write a short entry on Nepali bloggers and me. His Nepali Bloggers Making Mark is his quick words on his own blog and how he found two of his friends had already running blogs. He called The Radiant Star, a Nepali version of Global Voices (and I loved it):

He confided me that he has his own site, The Radiant Star, a Nepali version of Global Voices where he makes a daily round on Nepali bloggers.

Chij has a short news entry about police raid on X Bar at Sundhara. He wrote it was because had naked dance sequences. I have heard a lot about it and had been there once for less than five minutes when some of my foreign friends asked me to take to some place like it. I also know there are other similar places. They are running because, many believe, they pay the police official. Is that true?

Kantipur reporter for remote Darchula district, Bikram Giri recounted his recent travel from Darchula to Kathmandu in Oh, I loved the piece.

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