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Nepali blogosphere is spreading.

Surely there are people hoping to begin blogging soon. But blogging for a non-technical person is not that easy (when I used the internet for the first time in 1999, I didn’t even knew that there is button called refresh.) For their aid, here I am linking to some of the articles that helps them blog and choose the right tool for blogging.

Online Journalism Review has an article about it and a comparision chart for various functionalities of the best available tools.

If you plan to run your blog on your own server, this site lists some popular blogging software, free ones, which can be tested on their site. You can test bBlog, BLOG:CMS, Blur6ex, BoastMachine, FireBlog, LifeType, Loudblog, Nucleus CMS, Pixelpost, Serendipity, Simplog, Textpattern, TruBlog and Wheatblog. For me, WordPress is the best.

If you don’t have your server, you can use some of the following sites to run your blogs free of cost. Blogger is the most popular run by Google, blogsome.com and wordpress.com both uses WordPress as internal engine. More are listed on Let’s Blog page.

Happy Blogging!

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