The Week That Was

Last week was very trouble some for me despite some of the happiest moments of my life.

There was a lot of pressure because of the hacking of United We Blog! Dinesh and I were all but under desparate to get it back and frustrations were taking toll of us. But thankfully, with somehow we managed to migrate the server to ipower after buying the space. Now its functioning alright but still need some cosmetic works to get back full fledged.

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Municipal Election: Indifferent People

‘People are not interested’ is my conclusion after half-a-day monitoring of municipal poll booths in my municipality – Madhyapur Thimi of Bhaktapur.

“How many so far?”
“Six, then two – total nine.”

Two-and-half hours after the voting began, a friendly policeman guarding the gate of Adarsha Secondary School, Sanothimi told me. I was with the Kantipur TV crew, and when Jagat Nepal, a reporter with KTV, asked the other policeman on the camera, he told it was 30. The policeman whom I was talking to looked at his senior and smiled mischievously to me.

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UWB! Will Be Back – Stronger!

Scrapping the Freedom of Expression (or with that believing that Freedom of Conscience has been curtailed) has always attracted authoritarians. Authoritarians are not always the rulers; in fact, there are such people everywhere.

United We Blog! was hacked. It was the pioneer and the most popular blogging site of Nepal (the proof – it was awarded with NepalVista’s Site of the Year 2005 award). It was hacked on Saturday morning and the UWB! People – including me as the co-founder – are unable to get it back properly. It looks like we have lost, at least some, of the entries permanently.

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Photos: Getting More Into Blogs

A photo = 1000 words! It’s a phrase popular in journalism. And, now it is increasingly being taken into accounts by Nepali bloggers who have been posting photos regularly. In fact, many of the Nepali blogs feature photo-features

Maoists rebels attacked Palpa on Jan 31 night and the photos of devasted district headquarters have been uploaded in United We Blog! There are 11 exclusive photos.

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Wonderful Websites for Amusements

The virtual world of Internet is huge. It’s impossible to keep track of even a tiny pie of it. There are pages dedicated to information, knowledge, wonders, dark secrets and many more. Here’s just a small collection of the websites for relaxation, laughing out loud and wondering:

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Bloggers Inspire

“For all this, I must admit, the bloggers put pressure on us.”

These are words of Kiran Nepal, the co-ordinator of, a Nepali news portal from Himal Media during the official launching of the site.

I am happy becasue bloggers are inspiring (‘pressure’) people to go to internet and to go in an interactive way. Rajendra Dahal, the editor of Himal, the popular Nepali fortnightly, said they want to tap the young generation by going the web-way. “Today’s youth are not reading Himal because they check news online,” he said. “We want them to read Himal, and it is only possible this way.”

Dahal added: “Though online media won’t kill print media in future, I am sure, print will live only by support from online media.” Wow!

The other thing I liked about the lauch was that I, along with Dinesh Wagle and Umesh Shrestha, were invited as the bloggers.

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