Wonderful Websites for Amusements

The virtual world of Internet is huge. It’s impossible to keep track of even a tiny pie of it. There are pages dedicated to information, knowledge, wonders, dark secrets and many more. Here’s just a small collection of the websites for relaxation, laughing out loud and wondering:

Planet Perplex

If you believe in what you see, then this is the site that will change your perception. Planet Perplex is an individual effort dedicated entirely to the art of optical illusion. In addition to the illusions, there are also sections on hidden images, impossible objects, puzzles and much more.

The different sections challenge your abilities of visual perception. There’s also a section on wordplay that brings words to life.

“The purpose of this site is to show every type of image that is surprising or amazing” – so declares the site.

Good Quotes

This site is a collection of funny and inspirational quotes as well as stupid ones in addition to proverbs, mistranslations, silly quotes, pickup lines, celebrity quotes, famous last words and funny thoughts.

For example, here’s a saying from Elvis Presley under celebrity quote: “I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.” And here is one by Gen. Charles De Gaulle, the former president of France: “China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.”

Famous Days

On the day that I was born, the erstwhile USSR performed the underground nuclear test, Melissa McElroy, a US gymnast of 1996 Olympic team, was born and a singer called Louis Prima died. Of course, I was too small on that day to witness and experience all this, but this site, Famous Days, lets you know all this on the selected day. It’ll show you who were born, who died and what happened on a particular day in history (in my case the earliest being 1979 AD!).

Date Stories

Dating is not always fun. There are plenty of bad dates. If you feel like reading what happened in the bad dates of the people, or maybe are interested in seeing your own story of bad dates on the Internet, Date Stories is the place. There are plenty of bad dates stories in it (at the time of writing this, there were 842 such stories) sent in by normal people (thus all true). You can send your own stories to it too. If you have free time, have a read (some of the stories are very funny).

The Prank Institute

The site is “dedicated to pranking sciences”. The site, in the form of a discussion forum with more than 17,500 members, has different sections for holiday pranks for special days like Halloween, Christmas and April Fool’s day; pranks in schools, offices, public places, phones, restaurants, computer, and virtually everywhere. You can learn tips and skills of pranking and ask for helps for pranking and read stories of pranking. I hope it won’t get you into trouble.

(As published in The Kathmandu Post‘s City Post on Jan 31)

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