A Pandora’s Box Called YCL

Young Communist League (YCL) is a Pandora’s Box! You never know what’s coming out of it. But be ensured that something always comes out of it – be it good or bad.

The youth wing of Maoists has done a lot of things since the safe landing of it’s mother institution. Sometime their deeds are good (and we all praised, afterall, New Nepal needs new heroes). Sometimes they did bad (we kept quiet, because we still fear the Maoists).

YCL had found ways to stay in headlines. ‘All for cheap popularity,’ some commented when they were seen thining down the tree branches in ringroad green belt. ‘All YCL,’ many thought when they see youngsters blocking the roads during strikes. They have engaged themselves.

Two day ago, our Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala (the great man who loves controversy and if sees its not coming he would say something that would surely spark one) defined YCL as Young Criminal League.

May be true but said on the wrong time. YCL has just arrested Sitaram Prasain and handed over to Nepal Police. Prasain, for records, is a long wanted man for ‘incurring a loss of Rs 280m in wrongful investment decisions’ as the chairperson of the Nepal Cottage and Small Industries Development Bank.

Kudos to YC… just wait before you salute them! ‘It’s all money game,’ said a self-claimed analyst. ‘Tell me why they didn’t handed over him to police on the day they took him?’ How am I supposed to know that?

He would gladly offer me an explanation. ‘It’s all money, had Prasain agreed to pay them the demanded sum, they would have left him, but since he declined they gave him to police. Otherwise what’s the reason to keep him for a night?’

Good or bad, it happened. Koirala was angry because ‘Prasain is his distant son-in-law otherwise wouldn’t he show same agression when the Chief District Officers’ were beaten and their offices vandalized.’

And, Koirala’s remarks are surely going to have some effects. How YCL are going to react (they have already burnt something on street) but what next? I will just keep guessing the outcome of the Pandora’s Box.

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The Future of Gun Gyan

Some 13 years ago, probably in 2051 BS, when our bus on way to Pokhara from Palpa sped in the middle of the thin jungle with the driver sighing and uttering the Maoists, I thought, sadly, Nepal would never remain the same it used to be a few years earlier.

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