On Trip to Darjeeing, Sikkim & Eastern Nepal

I am begining a weeklong tour to Darjeeing, Sikkim and Eastern Nepal on Wednesday. It will be a kind of a honeymoon trip for me as my beloved is joining me along with 18 others – all relatives. We are taking our own vehicle and since we all are relatives, I hope a joyous tour.

Actually, we had a similar trip last year to Pokhara, Baglung and Chitwan which was so exciting that everybody of us ended saying that we had never been on such a wonderful tour. Accompanied by singing, dancing and joking, it was an unforgettable experience.

No two trips are similar still we all are hoping that this will be more exciting as the venues are interesting, and most of us had never visited Darjeeling or Sikkim.

In preparation of that trip, I got too busy on Tuesday. Had to go to Embassy of India twice for the permit to our bus and in between, I joined the rally held by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists to protest the abduction of Birendra Shah, a journalist in Bara district. He was abducted a month ago and rumors are that he has already been murdered.

Then, we had invited a few relatives to the dinner and my wife was too busy. I could only get around one hour to spend with them and that was a pity as it would have been much fun have I stayed longer.

Anyway, I am now dreaming about the days to come when I will be experiencing new things, places and enjoying the freedom from work!

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A Few Updates: Experiences & Feelings

I have been quiet for a long time now and there have been quite a few things that happened during these days.


I got the certificate of my masters’. It was great because after leaving the study of Masters in English Literature, I was down feeling that I would never complete masters’. Then I joined Mass Communication and Journalism and completed it in 2005 (I got certificate late because I submitted my thesis only two months ago).

Immediately, I started teaching journalism in Kathmandu Don Bosco College. Although I have been teacher for almost 14 years, teaching at a good college is a completely new experience and I must say my students look like wonderful bunch (well, they worked very hard for the project).


I wanted to wish a happy Eid to all my visitors but I could not figure out which day is right to do so. I could have asked a few of my Muslim friends but I somehow believed I could know that by newspapers. I failed.

Then there was Dashain and although I sent out Happay Dashain greetings to my Hindu friends, I didn’t put any thing on websites because I feel like not doing it after missing an Eid greeting. I don’t know where that feeling came from, but I feel like going secular.


It wasn’t an actual trekking but I did a kind if hiking during Dashain. I went to Bela – nearly 50km from Kathmandu on a bus for the Dashain tika from my wife’s aunt. Then, we found that there is a jeep ready to go to Kanpur – a small village of my wife’s maternal uncles (on Hindu culture, taking blessings from them is necessary during Dashain but I hadn’t gone there in last five years). So we went there.

It was a tough riding on the top open jeep and the road was bumpy – I nearly fell off the vehicle twice. After all that, we walked back 90 minutes (hurriedly to catch the last bus to Kathmandu) only to find that the last bus has left 15 minutes earlier.

We were stranded half-an-hour away from Bela and there was no vehicle. A microbus came and when he knew we were not going far, just sped away. Damm him! Is he no human?

But there was another driver who gave us lift and we reached Bela and spent a night there. (The touch ride on the jeep and 90 minutes walk caused pain for more than two days)! Ahaaaa!


Birendra Shah, a journalist in Tarai, was abducted by the Maoists (the investigating committees say this while the Maoists deny). He was abducted before Dashain and his whereabouts is still unknown despite the issue being raised at the special session of the Parliament and government’s commitment to find out.

Very sad! Please release him if he is still alive (or if he has already been killed then the Maoists are going to go through after wave of hatred feelings – this time from media)!

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Little Steps for Big Leap!

Blog Action DayA tree stands a few yards from my house. It houses two crow nests. And whenever I see it from my roof, I feel proud that I had, in my childhood, planted the tree that has become house to at least two crows.

Sometime, after working long hours on computer, I feel tired and in search of fresh air, I go to the roof. And, the green tree soothes my eyes like nothing else. I feel like I should have planted a few more of the trees.

This morning, I went to the tree and touched it, and stood beneath it as proud as an adult be of his childhood deeds as the crows above me started looking at me suspiciously. Then, I remembered I have received an email yesterday reminding me that I had signed as participant of the Blog Action Day with a promise that I will write something today about environment.

I am neither an expert nor activist to write something scholarly or important enough on the issue… but wait can I say that? Can I ignore environment because I am a journalist? Can WE leave the issue to those working for it only?

Of course not, because environment is something that we live on. But then what can I do? As a child I have planted a tree and now the tree is big and green! I am happy but is that enough? Maybe not, but if we all do small things like that then we can change everything. Maybe decreasing the font size by one step so that a page in decreased while printing; or not using plastic bags when not absolutely needed can help.

From within a busy schedule we have, let’s take out a minute everyday and think about environment and how can we make it better, or at least keep it as of today’s, can change our future. Little steps for big leap!

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The Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) government decided to postpone elections of constituent assembly indefinitely. Nepal Communist Party (Maoists) succeeded to persuade/pressure other parties for an agreement that will do no good for the country.

Though I had already predicted in my earlier post that the elections would be postponed, the news of postponement shocked me and made me numb. As any other average Nepali, I believe the unstable situation should end as soon as possible and elections is the only way out of any unseen problems that may arise in future.

Politics is illusion. At least true for Nepali. Only yesterday, after listening to a speech made by a labor leader in a small gathering, I have asked a few others, is politics is all about illusioning people. Same for us – our leaders are keeping us in an illusion while in fact, they have proved themselves as un-visionary as possible.

Our leaders are not only making us believe on their ill-vision but are also not telling us the truth. Past has shown us that all out leaders have failed. PM Girija Prasad Koirala might have been nominated for the Nobel and he might be the only hope today, but he had a troubled history where he had failed to understand even his own friends at the party.

Maoists have proved themselves to be childish in politics. The ‘Roundtable Conferene’ is just an example where they even failed to envision what an average Nepali understood – that it’s not possible to decide on future of the country leaving out Nepali Congress and CPN-UML.

There is a simple logic behind all these failures. Their decision are more based on political ambition and party’s benefits than national interest or intellectual analysis.

The decision to postpone elections of constituent assembly too followed the same logic. Maoists do not want it as they knew what people thought about about. Congress’ old leader may be willing to solve all this for his credit but he will not mind getting a few more days at the position. Only CPN-UML want anyway, and they have already declared the protests of the decision.

Sadly, we are once again being deceived and I sincerely hope this postponement won’t be counter-productive for the democracy in Nepal.

LINK: CA Polls: A Mirage at Last?

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