Talking on Blogs at Madan Bhandari Memorial College

The students of Mass Communication and Journalism at Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Kathmandu invited me for a lecture session on blogging on Saturday morning. It has been long since I have formally talked about blogging to the people; and I was happy to resume the talks.

I felt all good seeing nearly five dozens of youngsters, along with the MC&J faculties and assistant campus chief, eagerly waiting to learn something about blogs and blogging. The talks went as usual – introduction to blogging, blogging experience, the question of objectivity, how can blogs supplement journalism or fill the vacancy left by mainstream media and a practical session on creating and maintaining blogs (the dial-up internet was little slow as the time ran out). The whole program lasted for almost two hours; and the best part of it was the enthusiasm shown by the participants.

Students of MBMC presenting a momento to me.
Thank you!

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