Linux XP: Ubuntu eXPeriecne

For the purpose of this entry, Linux refers to Ubuntu – a Debian based linux disto, and XP stands for eXPerience (of course, as in Windows XP).

For litgeeks (the little geeks – in between of geeks and non-geeks) like me, testing new software is always as lucrative as watching a new movie can be. And, then of course there will be a few crashes resulting in hours of re-installation and all every six months or so.

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Nepal Woes: A Kathmandu Experience

Had we known the path of transition into new Nepal would be such woeful, we might have been happy with what we had earlier – that is the common voice in Kathmandu.

Even then, we all are happy to go through all these difficulties of short-supplies, should it mean the coming days would be the one we had dreamt of. But, does not that look a distant star – the hope without much radiance.


(c) Nepal Photo Agency

Tarai is closed due to strike! That is not even a news without adding ‘for the ninth day’. There are curfews in four districts – somewhere for hours, somewhere indefinite. There are clashes between security forces and the protesters – headlines today scream ‘one died and 150 hurt’.

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5 Road Rules of Kathmandu

Based on my experience on riding a scooter for a month, I have here the 10 things that all drivers, bikers and pedestrians should know (most of them already know) in no particular order:

1. No Traffic Officers, No Rules

That is first rule and most important rule. You are free to ride three on a bike or U-turn on ‘No Turn’ sign or park anywhere (even at places with no parking signs) or move ahead in completely wrong lane or go into one-way or overtake from wrong way if you see no traffic officers ahead!

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Roadlog: A Day in Kathmandu

Day: Jan 31, Thursday

My wife has bought a scooter and I am the one who has benefited. I have been driving it around the city and witnessing the traffic fiasco everyday. Now, after almost riding 1000km on the scooter, I feel that: to understand Kathmandu, it’s essential to understand the roads of Kathmandu.

Here is my roadlog of a day.

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