Bye Bye Kantipur!

Changes are inevitable! Despite the fact that we fear the change for a sole reason that everything set into current track of life has to be modified. I still remember how hard it was for me to leave my first job, teaching, to join Nepal Samacharpatra daily in late 2000. For more than a month, if I missed anything then it was the school and the smiling faces of my students.

Then it was little easier to join The Kathmandu Post after 18 months. I was a sports journalist and I moved to the Post as a translator (and that too with a pay almost 15 per cent less than that of Nepal Samacharpatra). My reason behind – I want to do it in English and that Kantipur Publications is a dream place for a budding journalist.

Justified. I went through various departments. In my first two years at the Post, I moved to district desk, then to international desk and then to the night-desk (the hardest part as I have to work till 1AM). Then I went to assist in the opinion section and finally appointed as the sports co-ordinator.

Now I am making yet another big decision. Leaving Kantipur – it’s hard for many to believe I am actually doing it because Kantipur is the biggest publication house and I am a permanent employee there.

[I submitted my resignation 15 days ago as required by the contract I signed with the publications. It was feeling numb. I had to struggle hard to tell it to my editor, who congratulated me and asked me not to hesitate if I consider moving back. I roamed around the office premises thinking that I would not belong here in a few days.]

My logic this time is simpler – opportunity. I am moving into new job in a responsible role in online journalism. And, that’s something I consider will be a big challenge as well as a learning curve for me. Because of my involvement in for last eight years, and then as a pioneer blogger of the country, I was thriving to do something for online and here came my opportunity.

How different the new online project will be? Well, I will try to utilize whatsoever I have learned in my hobby involvements and I will of course be looking to become the destination for all (especially because I will be working with a great team).

I and my bosses at my new job are hoping that the new project will contribute to make Nepal’s online journalism more thriving and truly ‘online journalism’!

[Meanwhile, this is my first blog post in more than six months, and I hope to continue blogging now on!]

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