A Day to Remember!

Since leaving Kantipur Publications [The Kathmandu Post], I have been busy because I was involved in a new online news project of Dhumbarahi Media Pvt. Ltd. Sometimes so busy that many asked me what I was doing in an office of newspapers that are yet to publish.

Today, we launched the beta version of the online project – MyRepublica.com and it’s a happy day. Eight years ago, on this night, I impatiently waited for the night to go by. On the next day was my marriage with the girl I have loved for eight years.

Tonight, I am impatient because I am waiting for comments from people about the website. Tomorrow, the comments will pour in – from everywhere and every form; negative and positive. But anything will help me and my team [I told it was a great team and it indeed is] to improve the website.

We hope to redefine Nepali online news media. MyRepublica.com has a team of almost two dozen experienced journalists who will be working fully for the site [at least for two months until the print edition comes out]. And that is simply great!

Since gaining a little popularity as pioneer blogger in the country, I have always thought that someday I will be doing something on online journalist and I am very satisfied that I have contributed for the establishment of a website that is likely to change the online media of Nepal.

Right now, I am feeling my decision to leave Kantipur was one of the best decisions of my life [it was like the engagement with my beloved].

Links: MyRepublica.com Dainikee.com Some Photos of Soft Launch

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