Changing faces of Nepal’s news sites

In last few months – three top news sites of Nepal namely [the new name for], [the online venture of APCA House which publishes The Himalayan Times English daily] and the old gold changed their designs [and updating frequency].

Here are the two screenshots of these sites for comparison:

eKantipur in January, 2009


Changed eKantipur


Old face of NepalNews


And, NepalNews’ new face


Old TheHimalayanTimes


And, the complete makeover


Why the change?
Those changes on the online news site were seen on the short span of time. Why? I believe the big reason is the arrival of [I am not telling that because I am working there]. started a few months before the publication of print edition and with all the effort of the journalists, it soon climbed to the top position forcing others to rethink about their running news site.

Anyway, it’s a good news for the online media lovers and those who prefer reading online news.

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