Websites of Nepali Politicians

The latest to join the fray is Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

The much-hyped website is that of former finance minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai.

The almost unknown blogger is former science minister Ganesh Shah.

The ‘Nepali Congress’ leader website is that of Narahari Acharya.

And, ‘coming soon’ is Gagan Thapa.

Probably most of these websites, these websites are not maintained by the politicians themselves but it at least proves a thing – Nepali politicians now understand the importance of online presence and the ‘archival / easy retrieval value’ of website.

Nepal, a Nepali weekly magazine, recently published an article titled “Celebrity Bloggers”.

Here are quotes from the politicians on why they maintain their websites:

“Website has fulfilled my desire to reach more people.” – Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

“People are only listening to me, now I want to hear what they say.” – Gagan Thapa

“I want everybody to know my opinion.” – Narahari Acharya

The possible outreach is the main attraction of the blog and the responses from visitors is something that they are interested in. In coming days, more and more politicians will join the fray and this will, let’s hope, good for us and them.

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