In protest of protests!

(c) Bikash Karki


The political interests, and egos, that result in protests on various – most of the times either unnecessary or on absurd issues – is doing nothing good to the nation and us – the citizens.

Yet, the political parties, their sister organizations, and others continue protests. Protests are necessary at times – when the state leaves no other options – but the aching fact of protests in my country is: they begin with blocking traffic.

Citizens, as if we are thought as, face problems; everybody knew it. Closing down schools and colleges is no way good as the children are stranded – most of the times outside their school gates.

Whenever we studied about rights, we always read that while exercising rights, we should also ensure that we are not violating other’s rights. But that does not count during protest. (So I thought maybe we are not citizens after all).

For the protest organizers, protests are wars and everything is fair in war and love, isn’t it?

A lot of such protests are absurd because there are not even demands. There are people who simply enjoys troubling others [the locals blocking road because the driver ran away after hitting a boy; the college students blocking the road for their friend was found dead; and most weird of all, a family blocking a highway for their daughter ran away – all is true stories from Nepal].

At newspaper office, every now and then, the suggestion on putting a separate column for protests/blockade spring up – more in disagreement with it than for humor.

While trying to remember things to write in protest of protests, my heart aches and I know everybody – leaving a few heartless politicians and others – same happens.

So until when are we, the citizens of Nepal, supposed to suffer? Until when, are we going to tolerate? Until when, are political interests playing on our emotions and rights?

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