My views on sex video scandal

Last week, Naya Patrika, a daily tabloid, printed main story on a sex video of a rising female movie star. The story became buzz of the town, albeit on whispers, and was loud on internet as the video, first available on YouTube, was available to download on many online forums.

The video, reported about six-month old, showed the female actress and model in explicit sexual act with a married DJ. A private video – but of course of ‘big news’ for the paper: big because it attracted more than 500 comments in less than three days on its website (the second most commented story on the site had 273 comments, printed two months ago).

Before indulging into what was right and what was wrong, let me look into similar incidents in Nepal.

There were at least two similar incidents when the debate of media ethics on publication of such materials emerged. The first was publication of the nude photo of a top actor by a monthly magazine and then publication of photo of an actress in sexual act by a weekly.

The first case ended after the publication apparently apologizing with the actor after long debate and in second case, the actress committed suicide.

This news case is different in at least one factor: first the media did not publish any photo that could be considered obscene –although there were photos from the videos. (But it’s publication of the news that such video existed was enough for thousands of people to search and download the video from internet).

We at our newsroom had a long discussion on was it ethical for media to publish such news. There were arguments for and against but the not a consensus. The nearest conclusion probably was that ‘it’s an issue, running it or not is a newsroom decision.’

For tabloids, such news is big; for broadsheet, almost nothing. (As in this case, no broadsheet has printed anything on it while many weekly broadsheets are not missing the follow-ups).

One thing for sure: the debate of ethics on publication of such news leads nowhere.

The video means the actress’ movie career is over; but more disastrous effect is the social embarrassment throughout her life. But can the media be held responsible for any effect on her life due to video?

No. Despite the fact that media should be socially responsible for the effect, it should not be held responsible.

The reason she suffered is not the media but the mistakes she committed: firstly, she had an illicit relations which our society does not perceive as moral behavior; and secondly, she let the act to be recorded.

Would the newspaper have published such story if at least one of the involved people was not a celebrity? No. Then why only chase celebrity? Because they are the one people follow. Was it right on their part to engage in such activities or record such activities despite knowing that they could be the ideals of many fans?

Being a celebrity also means some social responsibility.

Personally I think media in countries like Nepal should have refrained from publishing such materials primarily because it has a lifelong effect on those involved. Everyone commits mistake; the celebrities pay bigger price for it if they go public.

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  1. Further to your article, you say that Nepalese live in a conservative society where sex is still taboo and you also blame the actress for her relationship with a married man. However, you also fail to notice that if the citizens should refrain from such activites, then why did media not refrain from such activities. In a conservative society, why didnt the media stay conservative just like the major news media like Kantipur or Himalayan Times. It just shows irresponsible journalism on the Nepali media’s part. Do you want the poor actress to commit suicide as in a previous case? Will you be satisfied only then? Will you have reached your goal of filthy journalism after you destroy the life of another at your personal gain. This is terrorism, only that instead of targeting the masses, you have targeted a helpless individual.

    Whether you have a relationship with a married person, or recorded a video. It is none of anyone’s business. Study the statistics of extra-marital affairs or such relationships and you will be shocked of what goes on in Nepal. Just because you stay at home and type away on your laptops, the journalists are ignorant of the outside world. FYI record the stats in the United States and see for yourself. Nepal is no less behind. Everyone is human being. Just because of a conservative society, it does not mean that Nepalis cannot indulge in sex or any affairs. How much conservative do you think the Muslim world is? From the outside everyone is wearing a burkha, covered from head to toe. No one is drinking. No one is in bikinis at the beaches. But this is only superficial. Dig deep inside and you will be exposed to a world that is vulgar and obscene.

    Paris Hilton would survive such a scandal because she lives in the US. Had the actress mentioned here lived in the US, she would have propelled to even greater heights thanks to stupid and unethical journalism. However, unfortunately, she happened to live in Nepal. Paris’ popularity soared, but the Nepali actress’ perished. If Nepal is a conservative and sensitive society to such taboos, then journalism should be equally conservative. How come people should be conservative but journalism should not? That is my big question.

  2. hay wht a big deal….every one does…so heprocratic pp….please tht her life…let her live…one her mistake turn every thing worng.,.,……bullshit..dont forget she is a very very good actress…

  3. pic quality ali low bhayo alik dark cha light bhayeko bhaye more attractive dekenthyo

  4. hey dude if any one is not showing up there chartcter they should be punished aaja milne bhaye aslisl samgri prakasan ko abhiyog ma mudda lau nu parcha kta kt 2 watai lai ra patrika le bhako kura janta lai bhnuu paro
    ra nepal ka models ra herione aatha bhanun thakathit actreess haru besya hun tuinka aani bani tha huncha
    raho kura after effect ko tyo schnu partho garne bela garne bela manpari bhnee bela sorry

  5. This is a embarrassing moment for the girl, she has made a terrible mistake of recording the video. The video might have been stolen by someone through his device. Having sex with a married man is also a mistake, but her future will just change by the video that everyone are seeing. But her mistake can be given a chance to live a new life, can be a really hard in a place like Nepal.
    May God give power to she to face the situation and go through your life. There are many friends with you.

  6. Alex,

    Your question is a valid one. I agree with you and if you read the last paragraph of the entry, you know what I think on this. Since Nepali society is different from US society, media should refrain from publishing such materials.

    You may be right after the statistics of extra-marital affairs or sex without being married; but it’s also true that these two things are not socially accepted in Nepal. If people do it, they are doing it against the social norms and that’s wrong in my view.

  7. Hey why…all the ppl are against the Namrata…

    She did what .. she did what c thod good at that none of the business in their personal life..

  8. hey ****** at least learn to make a good argument. you all are senselessly talking only for the sake of comment. learn to make valid reasons.

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