Flight RA 2066

“Excuse me, why are you stationary?” An Indian passenger walked back to the air hostesses on the back of the Nepal Airlines place and asked.

“We don’t have any stationery, we only have newspapers,” an air-hostess replied.

“No, no, I am not talking about pen or paper; I am asking why the plane is stationary.”

“I told you sir we don’t have pen or paper in the plane.”

“Wait. Stationary means still and I’m asking why you are still standing here for a long time.”

[A little aggressively] “Look Mr. I have finished all my works for take-off….”

(The conversation was overheard a few minutes before the Delhi-Kathmandu flight of Nepal Airlines took off. The not-so-good thing was that the air-hostess started talking in Nepali with other air-hostesses without finishing with the passenger. The good thing was that after a few minutes of take off, the air-hostess approached the passenger and said sorry and that she would look into dictionary for the word she had heard for the first time.)


My flight number was RA 2066 according to my e-ticket.

The flight number was RA 206 according to all display boards at the Delhi airport.

During in-flight announcement both. I don’t know why?


The immigration lobby at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

The immigration desk with ‘Indian’ board was unoccupied (I don’t see why especially at the time when a flight from Delhi arrived). The Indian passenger and his four friends passed through the empty desk without anybody stopping them or asking for embankment form or identity card.

The passenger suddenly felt that he needed to go the toilet. The toilet was only on the other side so he walked back through the same desk, used the toilet and once again walked through to other side without anybody saying anything.

I thought maybe that’s how we Nepalis are also supposed to walk through. I tried but I was stopped by the immigration officer in the next desk who asked me to be in queue, the same for foreign nationals and submit my embankment form! (Ok! No problem)

And, during my queuing, a foreigner told me that she got the visa in her country for at the airport where they provide on-arrival visa, credit cards are not accepted (only cash – and that many foreigners find it surprising)!


Just some observations!

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