Resolutions 2.0 11

I am normally not a great follower of resolutions but despite that I am making a list of 11 things I want to do in 2011.

RETHINK LIFE: I was to do a lot of thinking on life. Review what I have achieved so far and what I expected me to be. This is probably an effect of reading The Last Lecture and Tuesdays with Morrie – two great just-before-death memoir and advices of two professors. Possibly I would also buy The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction to try to understand a little more about life.

RESEARCH: Scientific studies are also my fascination. I want to conduct some researches on journalism of Nepal. I am fortunate enough to have a group of friends who had promised to join me – and we had talked about so many topics we could research on. I hope that we will complete at least a couple of those researches.

STUDY: After spending six weeks in University of Oslo’s International Summer School for 15 ECTS credit post-graduate course on media studies, my hunger for study has gone up. I want to spend a lot of time studying – informally diving into depth of research methods and tools, and formally, if lucky enough, some post graduate research courses.

WRITE, WRITE & WRITE: I want to write so many things. A few newspaper articles on digital and social media; a few articles on sports; a dozens of stories and a couple of novels! That’s a big deal but I want to start writing fiction this year – hopefully get published before I’m too old to be creative fiction writer.

GIVE BACK TO SOCIETY: Social service or at least charity works are my long-standing dues of life. I am not totally putting myself into them but I would rather begin by giving something back to the society or human in the society.

VISIT NEPAL: There are a few places in Nepal I had long wanted to go – Rara lake, Mustang and Annapurna Base Camp are on the prime list. Then I do also want to go around my country.

UNITE WITH BLOGGERS: I do want to get into gathering of bloggers in the country. I was really looking forward to a gathering planned for late last year which unfortunately did not happen, but I hope that this will be done a few times in the New Year.

GIVE TIME TO BELOVEDS: In last couple of year, I could not spend enough times with my family, my friends, my relatives for this or that reason. With a big sorry for that, I want to spend times with them and strengthen the relationship which will of course give me joyous moments.

RESUME TEACHING: Teaching is a profession I always loved. I taught for 16 years before I left is completely last year. I was not satisfied with the teaching (for I believed the students were not interested to learn but to pass the examinations) of late. But I want to resume teaching.

TRAIN/ RUN WORKSHOPS: I had plans to provide trainings and running workshops on blogging. I want to prepare complete material and begin workshops at least to some students of journalism. And, yes those friends who are with me for research will be very helpful.

Last, but not the least, BE HUMAN WITH HEART (a philosophy of my life… you can interpret it the way you like it but its self-explanatory!)

What you think about them my friends?

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