World Cup: ICC batting for money

Long before the euphoria of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, the executive board of the International Cricket Council (ICC) accepted a recommendation that would ensure big money to the council, but ignore the overall development of the game.

Last October, the board approved that the 2015 Cricket World Cup (CWC) will consist of only 10 permanent nations and there will be no opportunities for other nations to participate in the tournament.

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Thank you, Bryan Adams!

Let’s make a night to remember…

Much before world renowned rock star Bryan Adams, 51, sang the line from his famous song, Nepalis were determined to make it the memorable night. The Bryan Adams Live concert at Kathmandu’s Dashrath Stadium was surely live in the hearts of the people for long, long time for many reasons.

Bryan Adams performs in Kathmandu. Republica Photo.


The biggest reason that Nepal will remember the night is because Bryan Adams was there. One of the heartthrobs of music-loving Nepalis, Bryan Adams is the biggest star and the first world renowned music icon to perform in Kathmandu.

When months ago, we saw an handwritten invitation for a press meet about upcoming concert in Nepal that stated – ‘Bryan Adams will be performing’ – we laughed it out telling ourselves ‘no way’. Until a YouTube video in which Bryan Adams himself said he is coming to Kathmandu, we didn’t believe that he would be coming.

But he did – and rocked Kathmandu! Wow!

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Tweets: People’s voices

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Egypt is in turmoil. The North African nation is going through the mass protests it had never seen before in an attempt to rid itself from the clutches of 30-year autocracy of President Hosni Mubarak. Regime change in Tunisia, its neighbor, fueled the protests in the streets of Egypt that are growing violent, without any sign of subsiding until Mubarak steps down.

In the Egyptian as well as the Tunisian protests, social media on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube acted as a platform for the people to share their opinions with the world along with exchanging information. In fact, some of the optimistic social media advocates are calling these revolutions Facebook revolutions, which in my opinion is an exaggeration. People used these means of communication media to spread and share information, only because they are global and more powerful than traditional means – word of mouth or telephone.

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