Thank you, Bryan Adams!

Let’s make a night to remember…

Much before world renowned rock star Bryan Adams, 51, sang the line from his famous song, Nepalis were determined to make it the memorable night. The Bryan Adams Live concert at Kathmandu’s Dashrath Stadium was surely live in the hearts of the people for long, long time for many reasons.

Bryan Adams performs in Kathmandu. Republica Photo.


The biggest reason that Nepal will remember the night is because Bryan Adams was there. One of the heartthrobs of music-loving Nepalis, Bryan Adams is the biggest star and the first world renowned music icon to perform in Kathmandu.

When months ago, we saw an handwritten invitation for a press meet about upcoming concert in Nepal that stated – ‘Bryan Adams will be performing’ – we laughed it out telling ourselves ‘no way’. Until a YouTube video in which Bryan Adams himself said he is coming to Kathmandu, we didn’t believe that he would be coming.

But he did – and rocked Kathmandu! Wow!


We will remember the night for two hours of rocking performance.

All those songs we grew up listening on radios and records were sang live – straight out of the singer’s heart and the 20,000 people at the concert just forgot everything else other than music. I am sure it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most of them, and they will cherish the moment for long time telling the experience of the night to people.

The songs were unforgettables and he made them even more unforgettables for us!

The starry scene created by the lit mobile phones on request of Bryan Adams by the people on the parapit of the stadium was just amazing – even in photos.


Before the event, many feared that something wrong may happen at the Dashrath Stadium – a stadium where many people were killed when people tried to storm out during a football match that was disrupted by hailstorm long ago. Dashrath Stadium often witness unruly crowd behaviors during football matches thus the fears were not unfounded.

But Bryan Adams Live was different – it was win-win situation unlike football match. Bryan Adams was there to win hearts of the people, and people were there to show him how much they loved him and also to be won by him.


Nepal is going through rough time – politically. We are on transition and our economy is not doing great. To revive the tourism industry for some relief to the country’s ailing economy, Nepal is observing the Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Yet, many see Nepal as an insecure tourism destination, also because many of the Western country including USA, have threatening travel advisory issued to their people.

The Bryan Adams concert not only highlighted Nepal in the world but it did also help to prove one thing that Nepal is not insecure.

His concert in New Delhi, India were canceled on security ground and there were speculations that his concert in Kathmandu might also get canceled. But it did happen and there was no security problems – not even minor scuffle apart from little protest from those who came late and were denied entry. A small moral victory for the youths of the country, who believe India is bullying us.

Thank you, Bryan Adams, for helping us.


I was not at the concert. I had an invitation, but I chose not to attend. It was not because I don’t like him but rather because I am not a ‘concert-person’. While he was performing, I followed tweets of friends while playing his songs on my netbook – yes, some of his songs are my all-time favorites.

And, I absolutely loved it when he replied to one of my twitter message!

Thank you Bryan Adams! We love you.

[Also a big ‘well done’ to organizers, sponsors and security agencies. Big thank you to all those attending the concert, and thank you to friends who recalled the experience of the night based on which I wrote a few things on this blog post. The photos of this blog are from a photo feature published in Republica.]

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