Nepali journalism around Anuja scandal

Nepali journalism should learn lessons from Anuja scandal and move forward, rather than ridiculing a group of newspapers (or counter-attacking those who choose to ridicule) because this is the state of Nepali journalism – not only of a reporter or a newspaper

The Story

Nepal’s top national daily Kantipur and it’s sister publication The Kathmandu Post published a news report on its frontpage anchor position about Anuja Baniya who returned 9.1 million rupees and a diamond necklace to the owner after finding them abandoned in a public bus. President Dr Ram Baran Yadav himself called her to thank her – a news that was carried by almost all newspapers with backgrounder as published by Kantipur.

Soon after, there were news that stated police is investigating. The news turned out to be fake one and Kantipur did a praiseworthy job by publishing apology on frontpage stating that the story was untrue as the characters misled then.

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The joys of books

While reading books is a diminishing habit – largely because of development of computer technologies, the best thing you can gift anyone are still books

Little more than a decade ago, my father requested my school principal to come to inspect my study room and to scold me for reading too many novels. I had accumulated around two dozens of books in my shelf then. Most of them were non-fictions but as anything other than course-books was considered ‘upanyas’ (novel) in those days, reading them was thought of as a habit that students had to avoid.

One of the most treasured moments of my childhood was when my principal visited demanding to see all my books and after inspecting them for half-an-hour or so, picked out a novel by Yudhir Thapa and said: “Except this one, reading other books is good.” Thapa was considered to be a pulp fiction writer of the time.

The statement left such a strong impact on my young mind that within next few years, I was notorious for gifting people books on their birthdays. I knew many of them would have preferred something else, but I was determined to show to them the imagination, wisdom and experience that a few hundred pages of bound printed papers have with in its pages by getting people into reading books.

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