Journalists & Social Media

Last month, two separate survey reports were published on ‘Nepali journalists’ use of social media’.

The first Journalist & Social Media: 2011 National Survey of Nepali Journalists was released by Center for Media Research – Nepal (CMR-Nepal). This is a survey that assesses the journalists’ use of social media, the purposes of their usages and their perceptions about social media as an aid for their professional activities.

The other, FNJ Social Media Survey Report 2012, was released by Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). The study was conducted by FNJ in association with InterNews Nepal.

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Sadly, Sex Sells!

Nepal debates what’s acceptable and what’s not at a time when sex and foul language are key ingredients of some Nepali movies; and sexually explicit pictures are spread all over Nepali tabloids.

Nepali movies these days seems to be on two streams: the traditional types are those with well-known actors where everything is mixed and targeted for lower middle class audiences; and the experimental new ones targeted for theatres at malls for upper middle class audiences. The second type generates more hype (and most possibly profits) because they are on the theaters where audiences pays more to watch and they also get a lot of mainstream media coverage.

When there were whispers going on about the movies including unnecessary scenes of sexual motivation; the success of Chapali Height made film producers and directors to believe on age-old doctrine: Sex Sells!

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