(Social) Media Predictions 2013

It’s not easy to predict but in the coziness of warm bed, I decided to predict how Nepali media, especially in connection with social media, is going to change in upcoming year. Feel free to add your own predictions in comments!

I’m prediction that 2013 will see introduction of mobile news applications (for iPhone/iPad/Android) by mainstream media, more social media integration by mainstream media and more media outlets!

Prediction #1: Introduction of mobile news applications

This will be something new for some of Nepalis owning smartphones such as iPhone / Samsung Galaxy or Android-powered phones and handheld pads such as iPad and Kindle. There will be a few mobile news applications launched in 2013, including a few from mainstream news sites.

Individuals and small startups will see a future there and will launch mobile apps that collect RSS of major news sites and mash-up for users.

Prediction #2: More social media integrations

In 2012, Nepali Times tested and benefited from social media integrations. They have not used Twitter account to engage audiences but also have started published translated Nepali tweets. Well done, Nepali Times.

Republica’s supplement The Week and team have also used Facebook accounts to crowd-source information. Almost all news websites have started using Twitter/Facebook, rather prematurely just to publish headlines/links of stories.

So, we all are bound to see more social media integration by news websites in coming year. Expect more Facebook pages, better/engaging tweets, even use of other social media such as Pinterest and more interestingly mainstreaming of social media contents (so, if one fine morning you see your tweet/Facebook on newspaper, don’t get surprised!)

Prediction #3: Even more media

Well, this is one prediction that’s not going to fail since the news of one new media house being established is no more a news – thanks to their attempt to crowd-source the name. They’ve planned a couple of dailies, a television station and a radio station.

Year 2013 could see more – especially surge in already crowded online media. Everyone seems to be thinking of jumping onto bandwagon of online news sites. So, expect a few of them too – many of which you will surely fail to notice in the entire year!

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