Summer Love, read & enjoy!

736245_10151201384991275_779231123_oDo you love reading Chetan Bhagat? Or love stories? Ever wanted to read something similar in Nepali?

If your answers are yes, Summer Love by Subin Bhattarai is definitely a must-read.

The newest publication from FinePrint Inc is purely for a joyous reading, something you may want to take with you while you are traveling; and read, enjoy and forget. Well, may be not all the characters as some of them are not easy to forget.

The most unforgettable characters are, of course, the hero and the heroine – the lovers whose story is crafted in such a beautiful and natural way that you fall in love with both of them with a feeling that most of the events are happening just near you.

Atit & Saya are rare names (at least for me) but the events they go through, especially during their college life, are nothing rare. It just happens in every classroom, in every college and with every one of us (or our friends).

If you ask me what you loved most about the book, I will say without any hesitation, the presentation. It’s so smooth and natural that either you feel the events are happening with you or you remember your college days.

The words leave you with feelings – happy, sad, smiling and hurt. That’s definitely the success of the writer – kudos to him!

The love stories are not easy to write, partly because you may end with putting old wine in new bottle. Summer Love is certainly not a great literary story, it’s just old wine blended beautifully with Nepali context in a crafted bottle.

Last word of praise for the author: I also like the message hidden within the truth of difficulty after landing in a foreign country.

And, yes, there are a few things I didn’t like. The first thing I didn’t like was the start. It didn’t like the beginning because it reminded me of Chetan Bhagat’s style and also because it let me predict the conclusion of the story.

Bhagat made such start work in Revolution 2020 and Two States with a simple theory – the beginning didn’t let me guess the end correctly.

I didn’t like the end itself. For a popular fiction to work, and give me lasting satisfaction of joyous reading, I believe, it needs to tell me complete story so that I can close my eyes in peace and enjoy. The author could write a sequel, but believe me, it won’t work mostly because it won’t have the joy of college-life romance.

My final say: grab it, read it and enjoy it!

[This is a personal review. Fine Print Inc, the publisher, provided me a pre-release copy of the book for the blog review.]

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