Quotes from Online Media Seminar

These are notes I have taken during the “Recognition. Responsibility. Road Ahead. A National Seminar on the State of Online Media in Nepal” organised on August 7, 2013 by Federation of Nepali Journalists’ Digital Media Committee, which I chair, and Online Journalists Association of Nepal and supported by Alliance for Social Dialogue.

In part 1 of some blog posts from the seminar, I will note down statements expressed by the speakers that I really liked.


Shiva Gaunle, President, Federation of Nepali Journalists

“We should be responsible for our content.”

Ameet Dhakal, editor-in-chief, Setopati.com

“Only responsibility can bring recognition.”

“The smartphones will ensure that individuals will continuously interact with the news in a way that had never been possible in human history.”

“Although there is questions of survival [due to lack of business model] now, the online media will only go on expanding.”

“If we [online media] could put moral accountability ahead of legal accountability, it’s the best model.”

“We grow weaker with the greed to attract traffic with headlines.”

“The race for speed updates triggers silly mistakes, so we have to look at any facts within the news skeptically.”

Arun Baral, editor, OnlineKhabar.com

“Online media is blamed for every wrong thing that happens in the Internet. So we need to clearly define what’s online journalism and what’s not.”

“Since online content can have long-lasting impact, it’s not the trial driving place.”

I will be writing a few more blog posts inspired from the seminar.

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