Girl at Delhi Airport

“Dai, will they put me in jail?” The girl, probably in her mid-20s, asked me after I showed her the gate that would open after a couple of hours for her flight to Kathmandu. “Who? Where?” “Indian police here. Or Nepali police in Kathmandu.” I looked at her. She was pretty; dressed in worn-out jeans. […]

The Birthday Muddle

I was born on August 24, 1978 AD. It was Bhadra 9, 2035 BS and the day, according to astrological calculations, was Krishnastami – the birthday of Lord Krishna. In Nepali, they are known as tarekh (for English calendar day), gate (for Nepali calendar day) and tithi (the astrological day). They all fell on the […]

The Great Red Roadshow!

Welcome to Nepal – a nation rich in diversity. And, to ensure that you get taste of many of the cultural aspects of the country in a short span of time, ‘we’ bring you the Great Red Roadshow! The Great Red Roadshow is a blend of culture, music and more [more is a surprise… witness […]

5 Road Rules of Kathmandu

Based on my experience on riding a scooter for a month, I have here the 10 things that all drivers, bikers and pedestrians should know (most of them already know) in no particular order: 1. No Traffic Officers, No Rules That is first rule and most important rule. You are free to ride three on […]