“When I see ordinary people speaking on the program, I feel motivated and confident that I also could speak in front of the public.” This was what a 46-year-old woman from the rural area of Surkhet district told a researcher studying the impact of the radio/television show — Sajha Sawal, literally, Common Questions.

Truth of Nepal’s Internet Penetration

Nepal’s internet penetration is 18.28 per cent as of June, 2012, according to Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). Wow! That’s not bad for a country where the literacy rate is below 60 per cent. And, most amazing thing is the growth rate of internet users. In 2010, the internet penetration was 3.69 per cent and it […]

The Tweeting Editors

Popular microblogging platform Twitter has become popular among the editors in Nepal. Although the level of impact by the editors’ tweets is yet to be analyzed, they are expressing their opinions and debating on national issues on Twitter. I follow as many tweeting editors as I could find with my Twitter account (@UjjwalAcharya) and it […]

Constructive youth engagement through social media

At the time when the term Facebook generation is increasingly being used to refer to youths uninterested in political and social responsibilities, youths have came together to use the social media for constructive political and social engagements. Many consider that Nepali youth in today’s urban societies normally detach themselves from politics, social responsibilities and look […]