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Retrospecting BlogMeet at BloggerBhela

On November 4, twenty Nepali bloggers met at a hall of Capital FM in what was named a Blogger Bhela and organized as an introduction programs of Nepali bloggers in Kathmandu.

It was indeed a unique opportunity for me to get introduced to so many new bloggers; and even the gathering of the bloggers made me feel good. It was not only because it reminded me of four BlogMeet that was organized around 2007 with similar purpose but also because I believe that this meeting will lead to many other meetings and hopefully a few events about blogging.

Among those 20 bloggers, only three of us had attended BlogMeet in 2007 – me, Kamal Kumar and Bhoj Raj Dahal.

I received the invitation for the meeting in Facebook and immediately accepted it – thanks to Dilip Acharya, Basanta Gautam, Aakar, Jotare Dhaiba and Roopesh Shrestha for the initiation. I talked it with K P Dhungana of Hamroblog and we decided to attend it and see (he was also one of the men behind the BlogMeet but he could not attend the meeting this time due to traffic jam).

We wanted to ‘attend and see’ for he didn’t have good experience attending an online bloggers meet organized by where when he talked about BLOGAN (Bloggers Association of Nepal – an unregistered loose network of bloggers formed as an outcome of BlogMeet), there are harsh comments. (After Blogger Bhela, Bhoj Raj of NepalDiary told me the same thing, and also that he only attended for he saw a few names from old BlogMeet confirming the attendance).

Our decision behind attending this time was for two reasons: first and foremost, we always wanted bloggers to be united and our presence will be helpful; second, we wanted to share our experience with BlogMeet so that bloggers could move forward from where we left (due to various reasons).

The Blogger Bhela turned out to be a very fruitful one. I talked frankly about all those things and shared experience; Basanta Gautam gave a short overview of Nepali blogging scenario; Saurav Dhakal / Kamal Kumar and many other talked about way forward. There were talks about making blogs and blogging popular using mainstream media.

We all decided to meet again, more formally and in bigger number, on December 18.

Just before I invite all the bloggers and interested people to the Dec 18 meet (we all have to pay for our breakfast and lunch), I want to make clear a point that I also raised during the meeting: no matter what and how you write or how many people read your blog, if you write frequently (may be once a month or once every three months), we all are bloggers. Every blogger invited!

Let’s make Nepali blogoshpere vibrant!

Participants: 1. Aakar Anil (, 2. Alankar Aryal ( 3. Bhoj Raj Dahal (, 4. Surath Giri (, 5. Rupesh Shrestha (, 6. Ujjwal Acharya (, 7. Saurav Dhakal (, 8. Kamal Kumar (, 9. Dilip Acharya (, 10. Kailash Rai (, 11. Jotare Dhaiba (, 12. Sweta Baniya (, 13. Prabesh Poudel (, 14. Manoj K.C (, 15. Saroj Koirala (, 16. Basanta Gautam (, 17. Sujan Sharma (, 18. Pushpa Raj Acharya (, 19. Sabin Gyanwali ( & 20. Pradeep Bashyal (


The Best Blog Meet! So Far

By Jitendra Raj Bajracharya

Twenty-four! The number is certainly not very big, but whenever I look at the attendence of the Blog Meet IV and saw that 24 bloggers attended the April 21 gathering, I feel great. Not only because it was double than the biggest previous meeting, but because the discussion today led us to a new direction.

The most motivating factor was participation of Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, the border issue expert, who will surely prove a big motivator for all bloggers and six female bloggers.

Everybody agreed that we need a formal structure, although there was hot discussion whether is should be registered or not. Going through self-nomination process, KP Dhungana, Ghanshyam Ojha, Deepak Adhikari, Ram Prasad Dahal, Bishnu Dhakal, Rajendra Biswokarma, Avinashi Paudel, Mohd Tajim and Tapas Barsimha Thapa became the members of the working committee while I nominated Umesh Shrestha.

For now, until the formal structure is made, I will be co-ordinating the working committee. Thanks all for approving me for the responsibility.

The other major decision made today include giving kick-start to book publication. KP Dhungana will be co-ordinating the work while all of us agreed to help him by writing what he will ask for. All the bloggers will write their blogging experience (either English or Nepali), Deepak will write a chapter on Nepali Blogging History, I will write the chapter on international trend on blogging while Salik Shah and Mohd Tajim will write a practical guidelines of using and WordPress respectively. Continue reading


April 21: Lets Make It a Big Day

The Bloggers Meet for the month of Baisakh has been scheduled for April 21, 2007 (Baisakh 8, 2064). Please note that the meeting day in the second Saturday of the month, not the first as we usually used to meet. The first Saturday of the month is the first day of the New Year 2064 and I believe that is more for celebration than meeting.

In earlier meetings, we were around a dozen every time. That’s was not much encouraging and since many bloggers are saying they were not informed, I hope that this early information will work some magic and then we will be there in good numbers for a fresh start in new year.

I am also hoping that this meeting will not only be the biggest but also the most important than the previous meetings. In previous meetings, we talked about various aspects of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN) and we (including KP Dhungana, Deepak Adhikari, Mohd Tajim and Umesh Shrestha – with whom I have talked about it) believe that this is now the right time to give a kick start (that is if we all bloggers want).

I hope that this time we will finalize the mission statement and take decisions on formal formation of BLOGAN and its future plans among other topics.

So, I request all the bloggers who are in Kathmandu to set aside that day for the sake of BLOGAN and please, please join us. We haven’t yet finalized the venue for the Freedom Forum we are using for meetings may be a little small if you all decide to join.

You can confirm your participation using the comments on this blog, or by mailing at

Welcome to all the bloggers!