Historic: Bloggers sign Code of Ethics

“This is the historic beginning in citizen journalism. Today, Nepali bloggers began a new chapter by signing their own code of conduct.” The comment by chief commissioner at the National Information Commission, Vinaya Kasajoo, was the most encouraging one for all bloggers agreeing to become signatory of the Code of Ethics for Bloggers today, July […]

Retrospecting BlogMeet at BloggerBhela

On November 4, twenty Nepali bloggers met at a hall of Capital FM in what was named a Blogger Bhela and organized as an introduction programs of Nepali bloggers in Kathmandu. It was indeed a unique opportunity for me to get introduced to so many new bloggers; and even the gathering of the bloggers made […]

Remembering BLOGAN Initiatives

[KP Dhungana has written an entry about the birth of BLOGAN. At the time when the association is taking shape, it’s an interesting piece of history. I am here translating a bit of his entry and then adding my perspectives. The text in bold are translation of KP’s entry.]

The Best Blog Meet! So Far

Twenty-four! The number is certainly not very big, but whenever I look at the attendence of the Blog Meet IV and saw that 24 bloggers attended the April 21 gathering, I feel great. Not only because it was double than the biggest previous meeting, but because the discussion today led us to a new direction. […]

April 21: Lets Make It a Big Day

The Bloggers Meet for the month of Baisakh has been scheduled for April 21, 2007 (Baisakh 8, 2064). Please note that the meeting day in the second Saturday of the month, not the first as we usually used to meet. The first Saturday of the month is the first day of the New Year 2064 […]