Where Dreams Can Take You?

If you are regular reader of my blog, then you probably remember I once made a blog similar in the title. You can read that here. This is like a sequel, but with a positive note.

And this is about the Kalaiya Cricket Club and its Siddeswor Sports Complex Cricket Ground in Bara district. The district boosts only the third turf-wicket cricket ground in Nepal. And all that started, well, many thought from a dream.
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If He Writes for Daari, I Go for Kapaal

Kapaal – Well there won’t be any defination of this word in Oxford Dictionary because this is a Nepali word. Kapaal means hair – only that on your head. So, why am I writing something for Kapaal? Because everyone who have seen me for a long time will agree, I have something unique on my head.
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Yahoo!, Hotmail Goes 250MB

With GMail offering 1 GB (1000 MB) email space for users, popular free email service providers have felt the heat of losing customers and are ready to compete. Hotmail annouced the increment of its 2MB limit to 250MB and Yahoo!, which increased its 4MB mailbox to 100MB after GMail annoucement are also increasing it to 250MB. Did you remember, a year ago or so, there were news saying that Hotmail was going to charge fee!
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Religious Gurus & Me

I remember going to Pashupatinath area early morning a few years ago with my close friend Nilesh to have a darshan of Sankaracharya – Jayendra Saraswoti of Kanchi Kam Kothi peth of India. I have no faith whatsoever on those types of religious gurus, but I don’t know why did I went there at that time. Its a coincidence, that early morning today when I tuned TV, I heard that he has been arrested for murder charge.
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Where Dreams Can Take You?

If you dream of climbing Mt Everest, you can at least reach the base camp; if you don’t dream of climbing it, then you won’t even reach basecamp. But this is not only one truth, the bitter side of this is that you can lose all your fingers in your attempts to reach base camp, if you are not careful enough.
The story of beauty queen Anara Gupta highlights the bitter side.
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