Suffocating IT Show!

The CAN InfoTech 2005, Nepal’s only Information Technology show, organized by Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) ended yesterday with a record number of visitor, 230000. But my visit to the show, as in earlier years, left me cursing CAN for the crowd. When I was out of the show after suffocating 25 minutes, I had a wet handkerchief (due to sweat) and a triumphant feeling that I was killed in a stampede.
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What’s Wrong?
Foreign Investment or Nepali Approach

Neighbor India celebrated 56th Republic Day yesterday. Indeed it was a great day for them and as a neighbor it’s our duty to congratulate them. But how much big news is the celebration of the day for our newspapers? Well, seeing Annapurna Post, a vernacular daily with Indian investment, people would probably think it’s bigger for us than for them. And that, in my judgment is not because of their investment, but because of our approach.
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Foreign Investment or Nepali Approach”

Is Blogging Journalism?

After a few days to reading many blogs from communication experts, I knew at least one thing that blogs are the hottest subject to write for media commentator. People are not only questioning about blogs’ position in the journalism and not only talking about code of ethics for bloggers but at the same time are finding it difficult to categorize blogs. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.
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Blogging, Journalism & Creditibility !?

On Jan 21-22, a confernce on Blogging, Journalism & Ethics: Battleground and Common Ground. at the Harvard Law School. The conference, which brought together a group of bloggers and journalists, was organized by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. I am still trying to figure out what they talked and what conclusion they reached and reading materials, this blog is just to inform fellow bloggers about the conference. Visit the conference page Here.

Lazy Saturday, Great Reading!

Saturdays for me are generally lazy days – I have the day-off at office and usually have no errands to run after. Thus, most of my Saturdays mean the busy telephone line (no not because I call friends, but because I use the Internet) and then, reading everything (novels or books or newspaper). And, what a day was today – reading my own The Kathmandu Post gave me intrinsic satisfaction with its front page contents. Continue reading “Lazy Saturday, Great Reading!”