Radio Free Nepal

Student Leader Calls for Revolution in Nepal

An hour ago, RFN interviewed a student leader, the vice-president of Nepal Student Union – the largest student union on telephone:

NSU Vice-president Pradeep Poudel, the vice-president of the Nepal Student Union (NSU) – the sister organization of one of the largest parties Nepali Congress, while giving an exclusive interview to the Radio Free Nepal claimed that the ‘new movement would overthrow the king’ and the country would ‘experience true democracy – that is democracy without king.’ Poudel believes it is impossible to bring kings under constitution and is now calling on the international community to support the democracy movement in Nepal and for donors to cut off the flow of aid to Nepal.

Excerpts of the telephone interview: Continue reading

Sports Story

When a Dream Crashes Down

From within a large number of heartbreaking news, some good news were coming off the field of cricket. Nepal did well in many tournaments and dreamt of representing the country in the 2007 World Cup. The dream broke down today when Nepal lost to Fiji in the semifinal of the World Cup Qualifying Series Division II in Malaysia. I am sad – in fact very, very sad. Continue reading

Tech Talk

UTL Wireless Phone Is Resuming

UTL Wave Phone, the wireless phone of the United Telecom Limited pvt ltd, is resuming its services to the subscribers who chose to re-register for free. The advertisement of the company asking for re-registration says its in accordance with the ‘directives of Ministry of Information and Communication and Nepal Telecommunication Authority’. The subscribers have to fill up a form and attach citizenship certificate, if applicable employer’s letter and house owner’s letter. Continue reading

Leisurely Activities

Media Prioritized Negative Side?

I came across an interesting news bulletin yesterday. The ‘Reporters’ News Corner: News Bulletin of Reporters’ Club Nepal’ is the rapport of the face-to-face program on media organized by the club. The headline ‘we are aware to be balanced and responsible: senior journalists’ is accompanied by ‘journalists admit press prioritized negative side’ in bold face. Naturally, I was more attracted towards the second line and looked for the journalists who admitted it in the story. Continue reading