Uzz Update

It’s hot! Hot!! HOT!!!

Not actually. But, everyday, the Kathmandu Valley is experiencing a new tempature record. It was highest in the year a few days ago, highest in five years two days ago and now highest in 11 years yesterday. And weather forecasters still believe that it’s rising until the Monsoon – around a fortnight later. Would the all time highest record of 36.6 degree celcius will be broken this year? I don’t know but certainly the rise in temperature is causing loads of problem. Continue reading

Remembrances, Sadly!

June 1 Brings Back Sad Memory

I was eagerly awaiting June 1, 2001 because that was the day when my first computer would have been delivered to me. But unfortunately the day turned out to be one of the saddest day of my life. The news of Royal Massarce was not easy to believe, but it turned out to be true. I went to hopital where they had kept the beloved Royal Family, waited a few hours to participate in the possession leading to their last rites. I shaved my head bald like many other youngsters to mourn the death of Royal Family but the truth was there – We Lost the Beloved King. Continue reading