A Cup of Tea With Rabindra Mishra

Rabindra Mishra, a Nepali journalist associated with BBC World Service, is no new name for the Nepalis around the world. Though many of us may not recognize his face, but we had surely heard him speaking. He has been working in BBC for 10 years now. For many of us, the masters level students of journalism at RR Campus, he is the role model because he was once student at RR. For him too, RR holds an emotional touch and he was our guest at the college today talking about his career, experience and media issues. Continue reading

Leisurely Activities

Reading Palpasa Cafe: An Experience

While buying a copy of Narayan Wagle’s debut novel Palpasa Cafe and asking him to sign it, I didn’t thought I would be reading the novel within next 12 hours. This is possibly because I rarely read his column ‘coffee guff’ not because I don’t like it but I don’t like to read something serialized in a newspaper. But once I started the novel’s preface out of curiosity, it started gripping me and I couldn’t put the book aside before I finish it. Continue reading