A Walk Into the Clouds

Heaven! They say it’s a beautiful place above the clouds. There is no one and will be no one who will describe the mythical place to the world but the hearsays sometimes gives us an opportunity to feel like we are in the heaven. No wonder, Syed Farhan Ali exclaimed ‘I’m in heaven’ when I […]

Internet as a Medium: Pros & Cons

The most fascinating journalism book I have ever read is called Dateline Earth: Journalism as If the Planet Mattered, written by Kunda Dixit. I have a signed copy of it, (unfortunately its signed for Surendra Phuyal, a senior journalist at The Kathmandu Post, whom I never returned the book). I also dont like to miss […]

Will My Mobile Ring?

This is an absurd question today for many because almost all post-paid mobile phones are ringing. But for me, a man happy with the pre-paid mobile, it’s an important question. My mobile is dead for more than six months, I had almost thought of buying a post-paid one. But an advertisement in newspapers by Nepal […]