Best of Blog – Beta Test II

This is my effort to summarize what Nepali bloggers are writing everyday. US-based Paramendra Bhagat is bewildered by GP Koirala’s request to postpone the elections. What did Girija Koirala mean by that? I am bewildered. It can be understood to have been a peace and reconciliation overture, soudly rebuffed by a government minister. It is […]

Best of Blogs – Beta Test I

A Royal Nepalese Army committee has submitted its report on the Nagarkot Massarce which left 13 civilians dead. The incident of guests being forced out from Hotel Yak & Yeti surprisingly caught attention of Deelip only. He questions: How can tourism develop? Appointment of new Attorney General has drawn attention from bloggers with LegalNews and […]

New Buddha!?

From 40m away, he is an almost-deity like figure and that’s the least distance from where the normal people can watch Ram Bahadur Bomjam, the ‘new Buddha’, who is meditating under the pipal tree for last 6 months and 23 days – that is more than 200 days without food and water, if you believe […]