A Wonderful Attempt

Roman to Nepali Unicode Converter launched today is simply a wonderful attempt that will help to grow Nepali language websites. When I opened the mailbox this morning there was a mail from Nepali Unicode Project. It was about the Roman to Nepali Unicode Converter. I didn’t understand it first but when I visited the website […]

Recognition to Blogs

Aha! It gives immense satisfaction as a blogger. United We Blog!, the pioneer blog site of the country, was named the Site of The Year 2005 by NepalVista.com. As a co-founder of UWB! its a plesure to see the site getting an award and more importantly – blogs are getting recognized. See the UWB! entry […]

For Bloggers & Journalists

Let me share two emails I received today. One is from someone called Mark and its about a free blog host. I haven’t tried it yet but the advertisement suggests its promising: http://www.impulseblog.com Free Blogs, Done right. No Registration Fees. No Banner Ads. No Popup Ads. No Spyware. No Censorship. User Friendly Interface.WYSIWYG editor for […]

Welcome to Blogosphere!

The population of the blogosphere – the virtual world of the blogs – is 26.1 million. Blog, the shortened form of web-log, was the hottest Internet technology in 2004 which grew and matured in 2005 to become a household name. The debate of whether blogging is journalism or not is over, as the critics have […]

Curfew! Curfew!! Curfew!!!

On the day when the capital city saw curfew imposed from 8:00am to 6:00pm, what to expect from the Nepali bloggers other than their experience about the curfew. For me, it was a bad day without the mobile and even internet (its just because I didn’t noticed that yesterday was the last day of my […]