Our Own Cartoon Story

I would call it a sad event. Nepal Samacharpatra, a national daily, published a cartoon on Sunday that explicitly accused Kantipur Publications, the leading publishing house in the country, of propaganda and yellow journalism. The cartoon, published three columns on the front page, shows four members of the International Media Mission that recently visited Nepal […]

Finally, I Meet Raamesh

If somebody asks me to name one singer whom I like most, it would be definitely Raamesh. The musician, who likes to call himself people’s singer, has sang no love-songs but a lot of songs that vibrate the hearts with its vivid referral to people and encourages people to do something for the country. When […]

On Online Journalism

I am finding really difficult to take out time for blogging because of my professional assignments (journalism plus teaching the School Leaving Certificate examination appearing students). However, for last two mornings, I got engaged in two different college teaching the students basics of online journalism. On Monday, I was at Kathmandu Central College (KCC) teaching […]

Lecture on Citizen Journalism

Perhaps it was a farce: we were there to talk about participatory media and we ended up it like a lecture forcing majority of our students to suggest ‘the class should be more participatory’. But nevertheless, the class was better than we have thought and the students, though very young at around 16-17, were much […]

Every Nepali is a Journalist!

Have you ever heard a similar phrase? If not, consider yourself a novice in the citizen journalism. Every Citizen is a Journalist is the motto of the pioneer citizen journalism site, OhMyNews of South Korea. OhMyNews, successful financially and journalistically, has some 30,000 citizen reporters who can write news for it and earn a few […]