Nepali Photobloggers Hog Limelight

There are not many photobloggers in Nepal and as far as I knew only four are there. But nevertheless they are making their marks and hogged limelight during the people’s movement that concluded recently after the King gave up the power. On April 23, Rajesh KC’s probably became the first Nepali blog to be […]

Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace

I was in Manila, Philippine for four days, April 18 to 22, to participate in the conference called Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace organized by South East Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). The conference was held in a time when the people‚Äôs movement in Nepal was as its height. […]

Blog Rocks!

Blog coverage of ongoing fight for democracy in Nepal shows the beauty of blogs The ABC of journalism and blogs are different. Journalism is all about accuracy, balance and creditability; blogs are accurate, biased and critical. Blogs have a few advantages namely interactivity (thus more democratic for discussions) and quick (thus serving the audience with […]