Credibility of Blogs

Everywhere I talk as a blogger, my audience are skeptical about the credibility of the blogs. I always have to answer the question: how can blogs go ahead since it lacks what the traditional media consider as one of the most important factor – the objectivity. What I answer to them? Before going to my […]

Talking Blogging

After a weeklong tour to Seoul, South Korea, I am happily back to Nepal. And, now I find time to share the experience of talking about blogging as a panelist in one of the many sessions during the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit at the Shilla Hotel. Along with me, Enda Nasution of Indonesia, Dr. […]

Proposing Bloggers Association of Nepal

More than a year ago, a few bloggers proposed an association by the name of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN). The discussion went for some time and then went silent. KP Dhungana of Hamroblog was one who had always talked about BLOGAN. A few of us invited each other for the talk on the issue […]