Invitation to All Nepali Bloggers

Join Fellow Nepali Bloggers for A Cup of Tea! An invitation for all Nepali bloggers (And also those interested in Nepali Blogosphere) This is a gathering of Nepali bloggers to talk various issues (all bloggers are free to talk on any issue they want) plus the formation of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN). Venue: Freedom […]

Delightful Reading

My friend Deepak Adhikari has written an article about blogging in titled (Some) Thoughts from Nepal on Blogging. An unprecedented numbers of visitors logged on to the blog and demanded more up-to-the-minute updates on events unfolding in Nepal. That was the time when I actually realized the power of the medium called blog. At […]

On Citizen Journalism

Easy to say – blogs are a form of citizen journalism. It looks like a mid-way for all those supports and/or criticize the theory that believes blogs are a form of journalism. What I dislike about it is not the views or the definition of the citizen journalism itself but the way people, even citizen […]