Challenges for Sports in New Nepal

When the whole state is going through the process of restructuring and every sector is being put in line with the concept of “new and prosperous” Nepal, nobody is saying anything about sports. This is, no doubt, the biggest disadvantage that the sector has for decades now. Sports are always the less priority sector for […]

Ignoring Blogs!

An afterthought on Harsha’s comments on exclusion of blogs from the media content study during the period of Royal Rule in Nepal. Khoj Patrakarita Kendra (Centre for Investigative Journalism) has published a book, Sankatkalma Samachar(News during Emergency ). It is a content analysis of main print media in Nepal for three months of the state […]

Just a Note

Today is Feb 21 – the International Mother Languauge Day. I probably wouldn’t have remembered it, hadn’t I visited Bangladesh three years ago to see people celebrating the day. The day sparked for their independence from Pakistan and that’s why they are fond to celebrate the day. I had written an entry on this day […]

Thank God! It’s Back Now!

Thank God! My personal blog, The Radiant Star, is back online. Ask a blogger what is his biggest problem running a blog. His answer, almost surely, will be that it’s hard to find the time and issue to blog on. Ask a blogger, without a blog for some reason, what he misses. The answer will […]