The Politics of Terror

Maoists left jungle ending their decade long war and entered the capital. The leaders will be in the government soon, but the foundation for their biggest failure is on the making. The people, who had hoped something from them, have slowly losing the faith. And, they should blame themselves for it. The major reasons why […]

All About Blog Meet III

The Blog Meet III looked like a failure to the few who reached the venue at the scheduled time. The earlier two meetings had attracted exactly 12 bloggers each time – though there were changed faces. On Saturday, when I reached the Freedom Forum, there were only three – Deepak, Rosha and Tajim; and it […]

Blog Meet III

James Gomez, a Singaporean blogger visiting Nepal for his professional work, was the guest of honor in the third meeting of Bloggers’ Association of Nepal (BLOGAN). He talked about his experience in blogging, the situation in Singapore, and suggested a few ideas to move BLOGAN forward.

Abdication: Safe Way Out for King

Is abdication of throne a safe way out for King Gyanendra? I pondered the question after reading Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s interview on Monday. And I see, in the current situation, King has two more options. First, he can choose to wait till the decision on republic and second, he can, of course, try […]