Civil Movement Continues!

Let’s first have a look at the atmosphere on April 24 for last two years and see how people’s power changed that: Chaitra 11, 2062 (or April 24, 2005): King Gyanendra was in Asian African Summit in Indonesia; his speech hinting that Nepal will soon be free from the state of emergency, whence civil liberties […]

Remembering BLOGAN Initiatives

[KP Dhungana has written an entry about the birth of BLOGAN. At the time when the association is taking shape, it’s an interesting piece of history. I am here translating a bit of his entry and then adding my perspectives. The text in bold are translation of KP’s entry.]

The Best Blog Meet! So Far

Twenty-four! The number is certainly not very big, but whenever I look at the attendence of the Blog Meet IV and saw that 24 bloggers attended the April 21 gathering, I feel great. Not only because it was double than the biggest previous meeting, but because the discussion today led us to a new direction. […]

Participatory Model for Television

Audience participation in television is always difficult. It’s difficult for television stations to broadcast letters they receive, though we have seen CNN broadcasting thoughts of their viewers. In newspaper, the opinion page and letters to editor gives readers space to express themselves (of course, they are selected and edited). In television, there is very little […]

Happy New Year 2064

Let’s hope Year 2064 will be fruitful to Nepal in terms of political stability, peace building and smooth transition from conflict-hit nation to once-again-country of peace. For Nepali, there is three opportunities to wish happy New Year every 12 months; the Gregorian calendar, the Bikram Sambat, and then the Nepal Sambat. Yet, despite making the […]