Sarangkot: A Jewel of Pokhara

The greed of seeing the sun rising as a golden ball is always an elusive offer and when there are mountains tops that are glorified by the early morning rays, it’s surely a life-time experience. And, that dreams became a reality when I had a chance to travel up to Sarangkot, a must-not-forget destination in […]

Some Reading Materials

To keep updated, I am posting links to two articles about citizen journalism: Voices of Freedom: Blogs and podcasts enable a powerful and authentic voice for marginalised communities sidelined by mainstream media (The Guardian, UK) The Participatory Nature of OhmyNews: Citizen reporters passionately committed to social change (OhMyNews, Korea)

Everything for Nothing!

(Or Maybe Something Irrelevant) On Monday, May 28, 35,000 schools re-opened after 12 days of shutdown! For the records, 8,000,000 children across the nation were affected. The reason behild closure, then continuation of closure and then re-opening were all but thrash reasoning. A kind of joke! Let first have a look at the chronology of […]

Mount Everest, Sherpas and Foreigners!

Mount Everest lures every mountaineer – that’s not surprising. Every year, many foreigners reach atop the world’s highest peak, return their countries with fanfare and become heroes. Every year, a few films are made on Everest – and they are popular. Every year, a few books are published, and they are best sellers. Among all […]

The Buzz Catching Up

Two things I noticed during the last fortnight was pleasantly surprising – both related to Citizen Journalism. First is the question paper of Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism of the Purbanchal University. The Advanced Concept of Electronoc Publication paper for the students of the second semester carried a question on blogs. Explain blogs as […]