Nepal Smiles. Do You?

Nepal Smiles is a personal project of collecting smiling faces of children of Nepal that I began in 2006 with an aim of giving people a reason to smile. It was a blog on and became somewhat popular in short span of time but then I lost the interest primarily because it was very […]

Nepal Petro Protest: Journalists Not Spared

Kathmandu is hit-hard by the protest against petro price hike. There is no vehicular movement as protesters are burning tyres on streets. However, the nature of protest and some of the incidents that I experienced looked ill motivated. Nepal Government has directed NOC to revoke the price-hike decision immediately, according to breaking news on radio […]

Is Kagbeni As Good As Publicized?

My straight answer is: NO! Kagbeni is one of two first Nepali digital cinemas directed by Bhusan Dahal. Even if you don’t care about Nepali television or music videos, its unlikely that you haven’t heard his name. From Nepal Television’s Sunday Pop to Kantipur Television’s top post, Dahal has a long history in the glamour […]

Freedom without Responsibility

A commentary on the publication of the indecent front-page photos of burnt dead bodies in a bus inferno by two national dailies of Nepal. Yesterday evening, news of bus inferno in Bara has already shocked us. The ‘accident’ happened on the eve of Tarai Banda thus making a lot of us suspect that it was […]

Citizen Media: An Introduction

The Rising Voices, a project by Global Voices‘ David Sasaki, has released a wonderful, straightforward introduction to the subject we love – An Introduction to Citizen Media. The booklet has an overview of blogs, blogging, podcasts and vblogging with case studies along with a few interesting quotations on media. It can be a good resource […]