Nepal Votes Peacefully

Nepalis continue to surprise themselves… and the World. Didn’t we? Today, Nepalis thronged at the voting booths to cast their votes in the Constituent Assembly Election that surprised almost everybody (the preliminary assessment is more than sixty percent vote casted). And, moreover, it went peaceful. Despite the Young Communist League (YCL) behaviors, poll boycott calls […]

The Fear is Still On!

It’s 5 PM now, and the voting for the CA election in Nepal begins exactly after 14 hours. Ten hours after that – it closes, if without major incident, then in next 24 hours, Nepalis will be celebrating one of the most important success of their lives. Isn’t that great? Certainly, it is. But there […]

It’s Time to Vote

The Election for the Members of Constituent Assembly of Nepal is almost here. April 10 is going to be a historic day for the country, and its our opportunity to feel like we contributed to the historic milestone (of course most of us were on the streets during the April Uprising that is foundation to […]