Moutain Flight: A Unqiue Experience

Lovely Moutains!
Lovely Moutains! Mount Everest at the middle.

That’s beautiful, isn’t it? The photo was taken from a Buddha Air airplane during a 45-minute mountain flight on February 13, Friday [scary date to go on mountain flight!]

Two times before the date, I had returned from airport without flying because of the weather. But this time, despite being on the date that many consider unlucky – one of the earliest computer virus was called Jerusalem infected computer only on Friday the 13th, I was lucky enough to get the flight.

And, I found out how lucky I was and what I missed after a few minutes [a bit quicker than half of the crew who were seated on the other side]. Beautiful mountains as if I was seeing them from my rooftop – so near and so majestic.

Lovely Moutains!
Lovely Moutains! Mount Everest at the middle.

I was not carrying a camera because I could not charge the batteries because of load-shedding but I took a few shots from the camera that my friend was carrying with him. When the beautiful lady [the air hostess] asked me if I wanted to go to cockpit to take photos from pilot’s window [yes! they let you do so], I said no and she glanced at me for a second surprised.

I thought, who wants to see such beautiful mountains through lens. It was truly an amazing experience [not as good as trekking to Everest base camp though, but I you have no time to got the EBC, the mountain flight is something not to miss in Kathmandu].

However, you can not take picture of you and mountain together with an amateur camera
However, you can not take picture of you and mountain together!

Here are three tips for you if you want to go for Mountain flights in Nepal:

  • Go to Buddha Air [disclosure: I was on the non-paid ticket that the airlines provides to my association as sponsorship]
  • Get into plane as early as possible [I was the last and I got a seat on wings, so some obstructive views]
  • Sit on the left side row. [so you are first half to see the mountains plus while returning, you can either sleep or talk]

Thanks to S. for these photos.

Blogging & Media: A Presentation


I made a presentation on Blogging & Media in the one-day seminar for the media persons today. Download my presentation here.


It was fun and I really enjoyed as I knew a few of the participants personally. The seminar was jointly organized by FOSS Nepal and High Level Commission for Information Technology.

Thanks to Bikash Karki for the photos.